Breed Features on LANDR Mixtape


On Friday Breed brought through the blessments with the latest track of his forthcoming mixtape “Schematix”. The track is called Kakarot, available for download on the Club Mango soundcloud and featured exclusively in the LANDR collective mixtape “Back 2 U”. Stay tuned in the coming months for more from Breed and the CMM, including new tracks and videos from Cris Million, Gilly The Kid, Laura Clemo, ADXM, Slim Wednesday and more!

Laura Clemo – Dust EP [Special Edition]

As an early Christmas gift to ourselves at CMM and in late celebration of Laura & Breed’s collab-performance at Caravanserai in October, it is a pleasure to present the re-release of Laura Clemo‘s magnificent “Dust EP“, fully kitted out with a fitting remix of Golden with a guest verse from Bilal (you may be able to tell where from). And just to ride the Christmas vibes till their final nodes, accompanying this are photos from the Dust EP Release Party at the wonderful No. 187 Cafe New Cross (courtesy of the one and only, Sujitha Selvarajah) and a short filmed interview with Laura! Hope you guys enjoy and Merry Christmas!



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Club Mango Music Group 2014.

Breed: 2 Days | 2 Demos

Dutchess Draft Make Sense Draft

Deep in the depths of last night Breed rediscovered the CMM Soundcloud password and blessed us with two demos all you vibesy folk can listen to and download here! Expect more to come [Leaks II, SFxS, Schematics and more!] enjoy the new CMM website and sift around for that old shit you used to bump back in the day, I’m sure Relaxin’ and a ‘Delayed’ link is lying around here somewhere. Jazzy.




Gilly The Kid – R.T.Y.E.B ft. Cris Million & Laura Clemo [Prod. by Jay Juice]

After an amazing premiere and review yesterday on, here is Gilly The Kid‘s team assisted track “Richer Than You’ll Ever Be” on the CMM website. The track is the second off Gilly The Kid’s forthcoming debut tape “Soul Food x Soho” which is due for release on Sunday 11th of August and features Cris Million in his second CM outing, Laura Clemo‘s wonderful vocal talents, Vodou on the chorus/keys and Jay Juice on production. Also presenting with this post my favourite piece of paper of late: the Soul Food x Soho tracklist. Stay tuned for more from Gilly and the team, remember to follow on soundcloud and listen to/download R.T.Y.E.B below.



sufio massage

Breed – Audio Massage [prod. by Vodou]

A while ago (a part of me wants to this time last year but you man know that could be gas) there were plans to follow up the impressive “Suits & Cyphers” outing with another cypher but this and that happened and such plans have since joined The Getaway LP, the ADXM’s 4/20 video and Gilly’s SFXS Intro, sous le tapis. With ideas for a second cypher came a plethora of verses, cypher spot locations, directorial assignments, instrumentals, accompanying event plans (even going as far as a draft letter to Lambeth Council) and deadlines but with time these all faded into obscurity. Many an instrumental and verse was lost of forgotten about so when Breed came to me yesterday with a verse for a beat I had completely forgotten about, I was excited to say the least.

So here it is, Breed’s old cypher verse to the resurrected “Spooks & Cyphers” instrumental. It’s big so enjoy!


MIXTAPE: Breed – Kingsville EP

It’s been a long time coming, it went from videos to cyphers to videos to nothing and back to maybe-a-video again, but finally CMM has linked up with Link Up TV for the release of Breed‘s GoT themed EP, Kingsville. It features production by Moods, MKSB and Matt Martians and engineering by Vodou Borgia, Prince of Thieves and pious disciple of Poseidon, as well as a cheeky feature. Breed shows his diversity over an eclectic array of instrumentals which also attracted the attention an praise of Annie B for the YDK Blog. Download it all here and check it out on the ol’ soundclizzoud below.

Club Mango Leaks FRONT

Club Mango Leaks

It’s been a long time coming but finally come the much awaited Club Mango Leaks. The familia’s first mixtape; you can stream it on soundcloud  (and soon on spotify) and download individual tracks or download the whole thing right here! JUICE!